Friday, August 2, 2013

Yes, I'm feeling a bit like this fellow here....ahem.  Where did the summer go?  And, yeah, I'm still on this!  I feel like the sensuous bits of summer I revel in somehow got misplaced.  Where was my dripping cone of berry flavored ice cream?  What about my dip in the watering hole?  Geez, instead I spent my time just soooo tired from my work.  Not the way I intend to spend August.  In the past, by the third week of this usually blazing month, my university would begin and I'd be caught up in that ruckus with my head down until December nearly.  Lately, I've been hopping in to schools with our youngest little people with new pencils, books, school clothes and an eagerness I resonate with.  But, aha!- this month we have the whole glorious month, just like we did when I was a kid - oh glory day!!  Here's my list of Intentions for this month so far and since I want to add in some spontaneity, I'm leaving open space just for that.
* Ride a horse in to the water to cool off and saunter.
*Paint with Pixie and journey alongside new virtual sisters and a brother! Aho!
*Run regularly with Willow, my doggie, in the early mornings so we can continue this trend through the school year.
*Have another fire-pit with friends with wine, laughter and a few G&Ts with lotsa limes in mason jars.
*Moonlit walks by myself or with a new love- wouldn't that be nice?
*Picnic by the stream with jam on bread.
*Waterhole swimming.
*Ice cream on a crunchy cone dripping with berry sweetness down my arm.
*Sweet little retreats to nearby towns filled with adventures and no plans.
*Venturing in to a writing schedule fueled with certainty of purpose for the dissertation.
*Exploring the world of duct tape crafting.
*Purchasing a new to me bike and getting a basket for it to travel in to town.

What are your intentions for the loveliest of summer months, August?  Thanks, Christina for nudging this list out of me. :)

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