Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trying to Catch Up 7/30 Just One Paragraph

Achy, agitated, grumpy and uncomfortable I fight off a cold or infection again this year.  The number of times I have been ill or have been dealing with some out of sort body thing is kind of high.  Is this a sign of aging? Or, just that ever present press to slow down?  Maybe a little of both?  I was deeply stressed about finishing my work on time this month, about meeting with a professor I was not altogether sure about, and just adrift in my exercise routine.  Two mornings I jogged with my dear pup and three days later a cold is lurking on the edges.  Unseasonably cool weather has wafted it's way in to our mountains and while it is what I thrive more in, it is weird and out of place.  77 degrees as our high is just not how it is in southeastern Virginia in August.  Summer feels as though it has slipped away from me like a fish twists and turns out of my awaiting hands after being reeled in.  Immersing myself in Summer was hard with a new to me job and the pressures that can bring.  Add to that mix the need to engage in another world - academia - again, and it's no wonder I may be succumbing to a nasty bug.  As I blew in and out of the grocery store last night I spied a close- out deal on Lemon Mint tea for a dollar- yes, a dollar- I love a sale.  This body of mine must have synched my eyes to find this treasure and today I've sipped a lot of it hoping to heal this raw sore throat.  Soon, I tell myself, soon I will be well enough again.

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