Monday, August 5, 2013

Just One Paragraph- 10/30 Snoozing

The sound of Willow snoozing on the couch- and her snores wake her up for just a minute, an eye rolls slightly open to look at me and then she settles back down.  Legs kick back and forth at times, sighs emanate in exhaustion or disgust, who can tell?  She slumbers on most times unabated unless there is a sudden noise.  Then, her body goes rigid and the alert barking begins.  Protective, talkative and a friend, I found myself explaining to a former student who moved in below me how she might hear this sort of yowling talking coming out of my apartment.  The former student was nonplussed and said she was familiar with dogs, however, she has yet to hear the sounds this dog makes.  A whirlwind of a day, I find myself sitting here typing after creating in my sketchpad for my e-course with Pixie and the amazing journeying questers I've joined.  So relaxing to just play with color- my mind, soul and heart crave it so.  Another late night-- these things seem to be happening more and more.  Night is beginning to beckon me into it's mysteries, but I must snooze heartily like this dear dog curled up breathing deeply in her dreams.

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  1. Followed you here from the Noisy Plume. I liked browsing around and seeing your space. Thanks for being brave. Kerry