Monday, August 5, 2013

Capturing the Light/ Just One Paragraph 9/30

  We walked, Willow and I, in to the gloaming and floated out with the distant mountains black against turquoise-fading-to black skies.  Indigo framing the tall Southern pines, the quiet except for chirping of crickets, cicadas and a lone dog.  Exhausted puppy now curled up on the front seat all eagerness of hiking drained from her safe in the car.  One route explored for another time had huge gravel unlike any I'd ever seen, so new adventures await us as long as we engage a 4x4 owner to join us.  Instead, these were familiar grounds which is like being welcomed back home again.  The same worn paths, sights and sounds at a different time of day make for new experiences.  A goal emerged of wanting to document some of these summer sunsets before August ends. And so it begins.  What were some of your intentions/goals for August?

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