Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What happened here? 6/30 Just One Paragraph

I'm so very behind... where did the time go?  Bleary eyed from the whirlwind that was July, I am just gobsmacked... really?  Not ready for August... whoa.  I lost track of time with my Just One Paragraphs, but I'm determined to just keep trying, ya know? In that vein, I'll soldier on and share moments of my day.  Working with children just makes me laugh and fills me up in a lot of ways.  Yes, it can be so very draining at times, but gosh, they just have a way, don't they?  I'd been away from my agency's little camp and when I came back it was just one sweet hug after the other and I found myself seated between two kids I just really vibe with- does that every happen to you?  When you don't have to say anything, but what you said to these young people seemed to matter enough that they risk it by sitting next to you?  Yeah, that sort of vibe.  A certain amount of trust was born with these kids and it feels solid, like they know you're on their side.  They've had such awful times of it and they endure so much it would break your heart.  But, the hugs, ah, the hugs!  Just so dear.  Serendipitously enough, one of the littlest ones saw me in the store and called my name!  I smiled and said, "Hi, Baby!" back, smiled and waved.  You just never know when a dear sweet child will recognize you at your supermarket shuffling out in your sweats to get some coffee. Bright little spot of sunshine she is. :)

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