Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just One Paragraph- 5/30

Yesterday got away from me, it really did.  In a wonderful and then scary way, time evolved and played out in just the way one can imagine of it happening.  I had a meeting with a professor who has been on my committee since the very beginning- he's never left despite all of the changes.  I was apprehensive in my heart when I reached out- you just never know how people will respond and it has been 2 years since I've been able to or wanted to re-engage academically.  That meeting, though- wow, it went really, really well,  My work was validated, I was seen as the graduate student I've known deep down I was and am.  And, then the planning, talking, dreaming and ideas just flew about like the feathers I collect, but tethered in something, you know?  As if strings were attached because of this man's faith in my intelligence and perserverance. Some days, some conversations- this is all we need- a validation, understanding- (oh my, he told me several times not to apologize for what life has dealt me- brings tears to my eyes feeling that again) and enthusiasm.  I was mentored too and for the first time, it felt truly equal- not a power differential- but, because I've done the work and he knows what I can do- it was on a different level.  Beautiful moments and ones I will savor as I tuck back in to this world over the next few months.  The day ended, however, with me cradling this one above, Willow, - with the vibrant red fur, in my arms as she had two seizures back to back last night.  Very scary stuff for us!  I did learn from a kind doctor at the VT vet school that she most likely has epilepsy.  She slept through the night, was eager to eat cookies (dog treats) instead of her breakfast, and is sleeping near me on the couch.  I hope to learn more from my vet today and find the ways to help her, the poor dear.  All in one day- whew!

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