Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just One Paragraph 4/30- Mountain Home

Last night, a friend and I walked and walked and walked- all over town.  Now, this was no small feat- this is a mountain town.  We just talked, talked and walked and walked with no agenda, no real mileage plan, and no cell phones to call someone to pick us up because we were so weary either. *Snort!*  It dawned on us when our legs were wobbly that one of us might have brought a phone for that reason, but no, not us!!  It's nice though, that rhythm you can get in to with a friend, when you're listening, exchanging small stories and pieces of your day.  Pieces of connection and understanding all while exercising enough to talk to one another.  And, boy, are there some beautiful homes and views of the mountains around here- breathtaking.  I'll promise to take a few shots from the next walk.  Glorious really, like little shots of heaven or what heaven might look like where puffs of arrays of pink, white and blue clouds saturate the sky around dusk.  Breath coming up short as you crest the mountain- again, again and again- the sight of the sky like that just gracing those ancient mountains in the distance is awe inducing.  My mind knows there are bigger mountains out West, more impressive mountains, but these sweet ancient mountains say, "Home," like no other.

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