Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just One Paragraph- 3/30

Walking, talking and vehemently gesticulating (as I am wont to do) earlier this evening on a walk with a friend, I affirmed how in this time and space, I am trusting and observing where things will lead for me.  The things I put effort in to, where my energy radiates and where it is dulled- all of this seems to be coming to fruition.  The things I thought mattered, didn't end up mattering, while the things that have been true and dear to me have thrived.  I paint more now than I have ever painted.  The camera goes with me where ever I go- Dad, thank you every day for this gift of a beautiful phone I carry and document beauty with.   The dream of finishing my work does not die, but I'm truly uncertain of how it will look when it is done.  I filled out an application to be a foster mom- a therapeutic foster mom- difficult work, but I know I could do this well.  Where will all of these tendrils of my heart and intention wind their ways?  Will they tether and root in to the sturdiness of a tree that not only grounds my life, but nourishes it?  What I've learned about myself in so many of these challenges of life is that I am a survivor who wants more than just a paycheck, more than empty praise, and just more- as in many,many moments of wonderment. 

One moment of wonderment came true for me... I wished and wished and tried and tried- and it happened!!  I won a space in this with this amazing warrior woman- Pixie Campbell.  I am so grateful to the Universe for allowing me this space to work with her and a tribe of women gathering in this way. :)  Just in awe... <3

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