Saturday, July 20, 2013

A journal like no other

I hate to start with a title, mainly because I like to ramble, then tie up the loose ends.  I've joined with Christina Rosalie to write one paragraph for 30 days- so, 30 paragraphs at least.  I like this. It's put me back in to the world of jogging/running (I call it running even though I'm as slow as molasses- it's hot here and I'm older, so there!), and list making.  I used to keep notebooks in Grad School- tons of them.  Filled with ideas, inspiration, shopping lists, reminders of what to grade, write or read- they are fascinating.  These were my favorites with enough color and interest- many pages are blank with a graphic, or with grids.  My mind really enjoyed the changes and I scribbled all sorts of ideas- everything from dreams I'd had, paintings I wanted to paint, mindfulness practices I wanted to learn, yoga, book titles- everything, like my whole life was summed up in what I scratched in those journals.  It's described as a "hipster" journal  on the B& N site, which made me giggle.  I am so not hip!  Oh gosh, and food journalling- so I could lose weight, kick diabetes (yeah, did you know I have the beetus- Type 1.5, found out right after the VT mass murders), stay pregnant --- all that jazz.  I know exactly how many carbs are in a pear- 25- that's a whopper, isn't it?  Looks innocent, but, not so much.  I may have to get another of these just to fill those pages too.  It fits in a purse or backpack- I carry a back pack most of the time- and doesn't take up much room- I've tried a lot of different kinds, but they just don't take.  Moleskines seemed to call to me, but I couldn't justify the price and they were so dull, I couldn't see what the excitement was all about.  Do you carry a journal to jot down the flotsam and jetsam of your life?  What do you carry? 
Thanks again for coming by and do join in with Christina if you are so inclined....;)

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