Saturday, June 22, 2013

Revelations through Journey Work

Since discovering my HSP nature, I've found virtual circling and journeying to be ideal for me.  And, if I cannot meet at the scheduled time, I can partake of the recording at my leisure.  While there is something so powerful about participating in live events with people, this alternative has been really working for me as of late, so I'm going with it. 

Each of the 7 events of Journey with Pixie Campbell held something special for me, but the last two brought especially strong medicine with them. 

The sixth chakra, which signifies Intuition, brought messages from past losses urging me to open to love.  That loving for the sake of doing so was freeing so much more than the holding pattern I've been in.  Just allowing it for the hell of how satisfying it feels without concern for return.  Unconditional love for others... yes, it's a concept I've known about, have felt, but in recent years, had to quell.  My heart had been devastated by these losses- two miscarriages back to back and the end of a ten year relationship with someone I had given my heart to.  It all nearly crushed me. To pieces.  And, sometimes there is still more healing to do. Like when my throat chokes up with the idea of deserving love again.  I've been softening in to that feeling- what does it have to tell me and is that true?  Lots of important work going on here that I felt compelled to share.  And, in this vision/journey- opening of the soul, if you will- a white buffalo kept charging me from the left.  She would charge and then veer off again and again.

The second and final time of Journey with Pixie focused on the seventh chakra - where we commune with the divine.  I was held by Inana, just held peacefully and securely.  Through this being held by the Goddess, I knew my voice, my truth and my purpose was connected to divinity.  But, that the way in was my vulnerability.  When I speak from intention, aligned with what I know to be true, and honor my humanity, I am connected.  It was beautiful, healing and something I've known within myself, but until then didn't acknowledge,.. really.  Instead, I would brush it off with rationalizations and not good enough statements.  But, it's true.  And, I saw a large white snake- my Upper world is white it seems. 

I searched for copyright free images to share of the Journey archetypes shared with me, but they just didn't ring true for me, so I think I will be planning paintings of them.  Hopefully, upon completion, I can share them with you. 

Have you ever done Journey work?  What did you learn by doing it?  Thank you so much for reading about these experiences and honoring my space with your presence.  Xo

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