Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pilfered Pretties

Yes, officer, I am fully admitting to "stealing" or borrowing these beatific flowers.  But, it's not my fault- they were calling to me, "Pick me, pick me, I will look so lovely in your little apartment-  together we'll really brighten the place up." No, really that's what they said.  It's not my fault you cannot hear nature, sir. 

These are just making me smile now.  And, the scent of peonies is one of my favorites.  I deliberately put my face in these peonies just to linger in their wonderfulness. (Even though I risk allergy face- eyes watering, nose running- yes, that face. ;))  Yes, it's all about the whole experience.  I wish I had smell o- vision for you so you could smell them too.  Divine.  And, yes, stolen!

But, they make my day happy and that's what matters- and unfortunately, for those that care about stolen flowers from a seemingly abandoned house, it will not stop.  I am planning on culling more of these beauties just for JOY.  I've known for a while that joy is something I want to experience more of - so , this is where I've started.  Self-love, joy, and putting myself first are things I've struggled with in the past, and well, hell -in the daily. (I'm fairly sure you all do this too to some extent.)   E of Squam amazingness does this with the world to share self love and I think it rocks!  I just have to get more comfortable, (skilled?) at taking selfies and I hope to share with a sassy photo next time.  (Forgive me, I really like the word "sassy" for some reason.)  And, another new kindred friend is offering this e-course, True Center.  Talk about learning from a magical creatrix- whoa!!  I've also been grounded, awakened and at home in my body with this divine presence as of late and the practice really opens up my days.   I can access my own loveliness when pressed by daily issues much more readily and that is a gift.  What are you doing to cultivate self- love?  And, remember, I have no judgments about stolen flowers at all-- in fact, I kind of encourage it. ;)  Off to fetch some more "presents" from Nature!

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