Sunday, February 24, 2013

Circling Magic

No, this is not a personal picture, it's one I found of the Crystal Coast where I lived nearly 20 years ago.  I've had a longing to go back to this place, to wander on the beach at Fort Macon where the warm breeze caresses your cheek as you pick up yet another perfect seashell and the dolphins swim by.  It's been a deep longing for a while now, but I'm not quite sure how I'll get there yet.  Maybe this is where I"ll spend my spring break or early summer trip.  Breathtaking in it's simplicity, I do have fond memories of this space.

I wanted to share how I found some more healing... that's what part of my journey has been in an online, yes online, women's ritual circle hosted by dear Athena.  It was a circle focusing on Love.  And, I've had difficulty with Love, like a lot of us.  I found myself journeying with the group and tears were shed with thoughts of the love I had for the babies I lost. Miscarriage is a whole other thing for an old broad like me.  But, on this journey I felt the love I had for these souls grow larger and the trust that my mother, who died 13 years ago now is linked to these souls.  They are not alone, but with my mother and other loving souls int he beyond.  These were unexpected visions amidst deep feelings about how much love I have to give still.  My heart was focused on Opening as Athena suggested and with that I know the future can hold any sort of miracles.  First, these souls lost to me still needed grieving and I am grateful for the chance to hold them in the light with those in the light already. 

I highly recommend you joining Athena's next month if you are at all curious.  I used to circle with a live group, but I find this equally powerful me at this stage in my spiritual journey.  Oh, and Athena pulled individual cards for many of us linked to the type of lover each of us is.  She pulled the Magician for me.  Hhhmmm, things might be looking up in the romance department!  And, yes, the relationship I began the new year with has ended- a brief, bright thing, it was not the match for me.  He's a dear soul though and I feel sure he'll find his true soulmate as I will find mine.

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  1. oooh I love stories of romance-- will be following along with yours as it portends to have some beautiful energies ahead of you! thanks for the links-- oxox, e