Sunday, January 6, 2013

 A new year,  a new job, and a new relationship- whew!!  I am giddy about all of these changes!  With the giddiness comes some fear and trepidation.  Which is all human and expected from a girl who had much to heal around both of these issues.  Sometimes caution comes in and asserts herself which is my intuition and wise self taking care to be kind to myself.  Learning to honor this has been a process and continues to this day.
  When I had plans with NBF this Friday, I balked, not from lack of wanting to be with him, but more from exhaustion and overwhelm.  I literally could not envision doing more than sitting on my couch or curled up in bed reading a magazine.  And, so that was what I did Friday night.  It was a balm and his response to my begging off was just perfect and caring- that he was okay if I felt better by taking care of myself.  Whoa...this girl is not used to be cared for this way.
   The magazine I indulged in- I work with children, so my rewards are not exactly worldly- was this one.  Where Women Create.  Three artists/ designers were listed on the cover who I have followed since 2005/2006 or so and my soul cried out, "Buy this!"  I dithered on whether or not to really purchase it as any country mouse would do, but in the end I walked out with it (discounted for the fold in the front- oh yeah). Kelly Rae Roberts, Anahata Katkin,Magnolia Pearl, are the magical artists I've followed for years- aren't they magical, each in their own unique way?  They inspire me and allow me to dream of art, creativity alighted and more.  I love and have so many favorite artists!!  In fact, I was talking to J., my NBF and I said, "Anahata is my favorite artist." And he said, "But, I think you have more than one favorite, yes?"  And, I laughed, because I do.  Artists, photographers, designers, stylists and more... keeping me immersed in beauty.  I plan on sharing each treasured artist here in time, but for now if you feel the same, do delve in to these worlds of beauty through this magazine or just through each woman's place on the internet.  I know I do. :)

Here's some of my art inspired by these other artists and from within my own muse's wanderings.

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  1. ohh it sounds so exciting!!! that's what everyone dreams of-- breathe through the fear-- it's all good good good xoxoxo, e