Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Solitude

I spent Thanksgiving week by myself- well, Willow was with me, so not completely alone.  And, it felt weird, a bit sad and uncomfortable.  I set off for a run in the morning with wild Willow- it was a sunny and warm day, so I figured, why not?  I've been getting back in to running again due to some changes with my workout classes.  It was beautiful.  Then, I went home and decided to do some yoga and meditate a while.  Through the meditation, or quieting of my mind, I heard, "You need to serve more.  You need to be who you've always been again." 

When the mind quiets and a message comes through, well, I now know to really listen.  My assignment for Thanksgiving was to delve in to the things/ people I love more.  Not to stand on the sidelines waiting.  Children, elderly people and dogs are all part of me- love being around all of them.  Through the internet I found some volunteer options and just called around on Wednesday.  I downloaded applications to volunteer and made appointments to meet people.  And today, I'll be visiting the nursing home and helping out with their crafting time.  Perfect!!  I love to craft and be around the elderly.

I also delved deep in to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday programming- I found it uplifting and full of messages I needed/ wanted to hear.  Have you ever watched any of these shows?  I'm addicted.  Books have been jumping out at me too- a biography of Crazy Horse, The Highly Sensitive Person, Yoga Cures, and this one by Michael Singer.  All are currently being read or on the list of "to reads." And then-   a magazine leaped out at me while I was Barnes and Noble, so I had to get that too-- I'm sensing a theme here, hmmm. :)

Oh, and I finally made a DIY project that I will reveal at a later time- it's a present for the holidays I've longed to make and they are done!  Went and made a whole bunch of them. :)

A poem came to me summarizing some recent struggles I've been dealing with while on a run on Thanksgiving... here it is...

Though my shoulders seem bowed under the weight of scrutiny, blame and judgment,
I am undimmed as values, truth, and love guide me.

Much love to you all - gosh, this could have been a downer post, but it turns out I've been a productive and happier person for my solitude. xoxo

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