Monday, November 5, 2012

As the Path Leads

 My morning ritual as of late involves waking at an ungodly hour to type notes in to an online system.  When I finish with that bit of loveliness, I pull out my art supplies and go to town on a mixed media journal I picked up while visiting my friends, George and Stephen in upstate NY- Stephen had a coupon- gotta love a coupon.  Anyhow, I spend as much time as I can just writing and drawing or making a collage- whatever I want to do that day.  It's been a way to sort out life and gain love of life again.
 The collage above has to do with gaining a sense of balance, forgiveness of myself and others, rest, and beauty...
 For me, this drawing represents a pregnant pause- I'm not actually pregnant- instead, I think I'm in a pause mode... leading to a different phase of my life.
 I love this stand of birch looking trees- it's amazing how few leaves there are on the trees here- it was only about a week since my last walk, but the beautiful leaves have mostly blown away.
Another path, another journey, and I'm not sure where the curve will lead next.  What paths are you finding yourself on lately?

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