Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Solitude

I spent Thanksgiving week by myself- well, Willow was with me, so not completely alone.  And, it felt weird, a bit sad and uncomfortable.  I set off for a run in the morning with wild Willow- it was a sunny and warm day, so I figured, why not?  I've been getting back in to running again due to some changes with my workout classes.  It was beautiful.  Then, I went home and decided to do some yoga and meditate a while.  Through the meditation, or quieting of my mind, I heard, "You need to serve more.  You need to be who you've always been again." 

When the mind quiets and a message comes through, well, I now know to really listen.  My assignment for Thanksgiving was to delve in to the things/ people I love more.  Not to stand on the sidelines waiting.  Children, elderly people and dogs are all part of me- love being around all of them.  Through the internet I found some volunteer options and just called around on Wednesday.  I downloaded applications to volunteer and made appointments to meet people.  And today, I'll be visiting the nursing home and helping out with their crafting time.  Perfect!!  I love to craft and be around the elderly.

I also delved deep in to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday programming- I found it uplifting and full of messages I needed/ wanted to hear.  Have you ever watched any of these shows?  I'm addicted.  Books have been jumping out at me too- a biography of Crazy Horse, The Highly Sensitive Person, Yoga Cures, and this one by Michael Singer.  All are currently being read or on the list of "to reads." And then-   a magazine leaped out at me while I was Barnes and Noble, so I had to get that too-- I'm sensing a theme here, hmmm. :)

Oh, and I finally made a DIY project that I will reveal at a later time- it's a present for the holidays I've longed to make and they are done!  Went and made a whole bunch of them. :)

A poem came to me summarizing some recent struggles I've been dealing with while on a run on Thanksgiving... here it is...

Though my shoulders seem bowed under the weight of scrutiny, blame and judgment,
I am undimmed as values, truth, and love guide me.

Much love to you all - gosh, this could have been a downer post, but it turns out I've been a productive and happier person for my solitude. xoxo

Monday, November 5, 2012

As the Path Leads

 My morning ritual as of late involves waking at an ungodly hour to type notes in to an online system.  When I finish with that bit of loveliness, I pull out my art supplies and go to town on a mixed media journal I picked up while visiting my friends, George and Stephen in upstate NY- Stephen had a coupon- gotta love a coupon.  Anyhow, I spend as much time as I can just writing and drawing or making a collage- whatever I want to do that day.  It's been a way to sort out life and gain love of life again.
 The collage above has to do with gaining a sense of balance, forgiveness of myself and others, rest, and beauty...
 For me, this drawing represents a pregnant pause- I'm not actually pregnant- instead, I think I'm in a pause mode... leading to a different phase of my life.
 I love this stand of birch looking trees- it's amazing how few leaves there are on the trees here- it was only about a week since my last walk, but the beautiful leaves have mostly blown away.
Another path, another journey, and I'm not sure where the curve will lead next.  What paths are you finding yourself on lately?