Monday, August 5, 2013

Just One Paragraph- 10/30 Snoozing

The sound of Willow snoozing on the couch- and her snores wake her up for just a minute, an eye rolls slightly open to look at me and then she settles back down.  Legs kick back and forth at times, sighs emanate in exhaustion or disgust, who can tell?  She slumbers on most times unabated unless there is a sudden noise.  Then, her body goes rigid and the alert barking begins.  Protective, talkative and a friend, I found myself explaining to a former student who moved in below me how she might hear this sort of yowling talking coming out of my apartment.  The former student was nonplussed and said she was familiar with dogs, however, she has yet to hear the sounds this dog makes.  A whirlwind of a day, I find myself sitting here typing after creating in my sketchpad for my e-course with Pixie and the amazing journeying questers I've joined.  So relaxing to just play with color- my mind, soul and heart crave it so.  Another late night-- these things seem to be happening more and more.  Night is beginning to beckon me into it's mysteries, but I must snooze heartily like this dear dog curled up breathing deeply in her dreams.

Capturing the Light/ Just One Paragraph 9/30

  We walked, Willow and I, in to the gloaming and floated out with the distant mountains black against turquoise-fading-to black skies.  Indigo framing the tall Southern pines, the quiet except for chirping of crickets, cicadas and a lone dog.  Exhausted puppy now curled up on the front seat all eagerness of hiking drained from her safe in the car.  One route explored for another time had huge gravel unlike any I'd ever seen, so new adventures await us as long as we engage a 4x4 owner to join us.  Instead, these were familiar grounds which is like being welcomed back home again.  The same worn paths, sights and sounds at a different time of day make for new experiences.  A goal emerged of wanting to document some of these summer sunsets before August ends. And so it begins.  What were some of your intentions/goals for August?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Yes, I'm feeling a bit like this fellow here....ahem.  Where did the summer go?  And, yeah, I'm still on this!  I feel like the sensuous bits of summer I revel in somehow got misplaced.  Where was my dripping cone of berry flavored ice cream?  What about my dip in the watering hole?  Geez, instead I spent my time just soooo tired from my work.  Not the way I intend to spend August.  In the past, by the third week of this usually blazing month, my university would begin and I'd be caught up in that ruckus with my head down until December nearly.  Lately, I've been hopping in to schools with our youngest little people with new pencils, books, school clothes and an eagerness I resonate with.  But, aha!- this month we have the whole glorious month, just like we did when I was a kid - oh glory day!!  Here's my list of Intentions for this month so far and since I want to add in some spontaneity, I'm leaving open space just for that.
* Ride a horse in to the water to cool off and saunter.
*Paint with Pixie and journey alongside new virtual sisters and a brother! Aho!
*Run regularly with Willow, my doggie, in the early mornings so we can continue this trend through the school year.
*Have another fire-pit with friends with wine, laughter and a few G&Ts with lotsa limes in mason jars.
*Moonlit walks by myself or with a new love- wouldn't that be nice?
*Picnic by the stream with jam on bread.
*Waterhole swimming.
*Ice cream on a crunchy cone dripping with berry sweetness down my arm.
*Sweet little retreats to nearby towns filled with adventures and no plans.
*Venturing in to a writing schedule fueled with certainty of purpose for the dissertation.
*Exploring the world of duct tape crafting.
*Purchasing a new to me bike and getting a basket for it to travel in to town.

What are your intentions for the loveliest of summer months, August?  Thanks, Christina for nudging this list out of me. :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trying to Catch Up 7/30 Just One Paragraph

Achy, agitated, grumpy and uncomfortable I fight off a cold or infection again this year.  The number of times I have been ill or have been dealing with some out of sort body thing is kind of high.  Is this a sign of aging? Or, just that ever present press to slow down?  Maybe a little of both?  I was deeply stressed about finishing my work on time this month, about meeting with a professor I was not altogether sure about, and just adrift in my exercise routine.  Two mornings I jogged with my dear pup and three days later a cold is lurking on the edges.  Unseasonably cool weather has wafted it's way in to our mountains and while it is what I thrive more in, it is weird and out of place.  77 degrees as our high is just not how it is in southeastern Virginia in August.  Summer feels as though it has slipped away from me like a fish twists and turns out of my awaiting hands after being reeled in.  Immersing myself in Summer was hard with a new to me job and the pressures that can bring.  Add to that mix the need to engage in another world - academia - again, and it's no wonder I may be succumbing to a nasty bug.  As I blew in and out of the grocery store last night I spied a close- out deal on Lemon Mint tea for a dollar- yes, a dollar- I love a sale.  This body of mine must have synched my eyes to find this treasure and today I've sipped a lot of it hoping to heal this raw sore throat.  Soon, I tell myself, soon I will be well enough again.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What happened here? 6/30 Just One Paragraph

I'm so very behind... where did the time go?  Bleary eyed from the whirlwind that was July, I am just gobsmacked... really?  Not ready for August... whoa.  I lost track of time with my Just One Paragraphs, but I'm determined to just keep trying, ya know? In that vein, I'll soldier on and share moments of my day.  Working with children just makes me laugh and fills me up in a lot of ways.  Yes, it can be so very draining at times, but gosh, they just have a way, don't they?  I'd been away from my agency's little camp and when I came back it was just one sweet hug after the other and I found myself seated between two kids I just really vibe with- does that every happen to you?  When you don't have to say anything, but what you said to these young people seemed to matter enough that they risk it by sitting next to you?  Yeah, that sort of vibe.  A certain amount of trust was born with these kids and it feels solid, like they know you're on their side.  They've had such awful times of it and they endure so much it would break your heart.  But, the hugs, ah, the hugs!  Just so dear.  Serendipitously enough, one of the littlest ones saw me in the store and called my name!  I smiled and said, "Hi, Baby!" back, smiled and waved.  You just never know when a dear sweet child will recognize you at your supermarket shuffling out in your sweats to get some coffee. Bright little spot of sunshine she is. :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just One Paragraph- 5/30

Yesterday got away from me, it really did.  In a wonderful and then scary way, time evolved and played out in just the way one can imagine of it happening.  I had a meeting with a professor who has been on my committee since the very beginning- he's never left despite all of the changes.  I was apprehensive in my heart when I reached out- you just never know how people will respond and it has been 2 years since I've been able to or wanted to re-engage academically.  That meeting, though- wow, it went really, really well,  My work was validated, I was seen as the graduate student I've known deep down I was and am.  And, then the planning, talking, dreaming and ideas just flew about like the feathers I collect, but tethered in something, you know?  As if strings were attached because of this man's faith in my intelligence and perserverance. Some days, some conversations- this is all we need- a validation, understanding- (oh my, he told me several times not to apologize for what life has dealt me- brings tears to my eyes feeling that again) and enthusiasm.  I was mentored too and for the first time, it felt truly equal- not a power differential- but, because I've done the work and he knows what I can do- it was on a different level.  Beautiful moments and ones I will savor as I tuck back in to this world over the next few months.  The day ended, however, with me cradling this one above, Willow, - with the vibrant red fur, in my arms as she had two seizures back to back last night.  Very scary stuff for us!  I did learn from a kind doctor at the VT vet school that she most likely has epilepsy.  She slept through the night, was eager to eat cookies (dog treats) instead of her breakfast, and is sleeping near me on the couch.  I hope to learn more from my vet today and find the ways to help her, the poor dear.  All in one day- whew!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just One Paragraph 4/30- Mountain Home

Last night, a friend and I walked and walked and walked- all over town.  Now, this was no small feat- this is a mountain town.  We just talked, talked and walked and walked with no agenda, no real mileage plan, and no cell phones to call someone to pick us up because we were so weary either. *Snort!*  It dawned on us when our legs were wobbly that one of us might have brought a phone for that reason, but no, not us!!  It's nice though, that rhythm you can get in to with a friend, when you're listening, exchanging small stories and pieces of your day.  Pieces of connection and understanding all while exercising enough to talk to one another.  And, boy, are there some beautiful homes and views of the mountains around here- breathtaking.  I'll promise to take a few shots from the next walk.  Glorious really, like little shots of heaven or what heaven might look like where puffs of arrays of pink, white and blue clouds saturate the sky around dusk.  Breath coming up short as you crest the mountain- again, again and again- the sight of the sky like that just gracing those ancient mountains in the distance is awe inducing.  My mind knows there are bigger mountains out West, more impressive mountains, but these sweet ancient mountains say, "Home," like no other.